Stainless steel - a sustainable material

Stainless steel products are almost 100 % recyclable.

Dangers of Unsuitable Pressure Equipment You Shouldn't Ignore

Do you use or are planning to buy a beer fermenter in which the pressure is higher than 0.5 bar?
Do you use or are planning to buy a pneumatic press?

Then you're dealing with pressure equipment, which is subject to strict legal standards in the EU!

Wine tanks

Today we are often faced with the dilemma of how to recognize true quality in a flooded market and find a product that will meet our expectations. Our requirements differ. Some people may prioritize high quality, others a favorable price or a pleasing design. Ideally, we are able to find a product t...

Temperature control equipment

A precise and effective temperature control system is extremely important in food processing. Temperature affects virtually all biological, physical, and chemical processes that occur during food processing and affect the product's final properties. A temperature control system gives the user an act...

Tank, platform, walkway and equipment placement

A guide for buyers and sellers

There's more to planning a winery layout than simply choosing tanks with suitable capacities. The main goal is to create a functional space that will encourage creativity and where you will be happy to work and welcome your guests. This means that a winery should have...

Supercritical extraction throughout history

200 years of supercritical fluids

Smart Investment in Slovenian Supercritical Extraction System

PharmaHemp, one of the world's leading companies in the field of research, development, processing, and laboratory testing of raw materials and industrial hemp products has taken a major step forward by acquiring a highly efficient CO2 extraction system that can be used to obtain plant extracts for the food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries. High-quality materials, complete customer service, technical support, and proximity are just some of the reasons why the Slovenian company SK Škrlj from the Vipava Valley prevailed over its global competitors from Asia, America, and Europe.

Fully automated extraction system

Automation can be described as automatic and intelligent system management that facilitates the operator's work and reduces the chances of human error during the work process. In complex processes, such as extraction under supercritical conditions (high pressures and elevated temperatures), automation reduces numerous risks and ensures standardized system operation in accordance with occupational safety standards. 


A compact brewhouse is a system of process tanks and devices a brewer needs to carry out the entire brewing process, from mashing to the transfer of wort into the fermenters. The tanks are mounted on a compact support frame, while the larger models are connected by a platform (walkway) and staircase. The platform provides easy access to all work surfaces, doors, and connectors on the tanks.

Pressure control valves

Pressure regulation in beer fermentation and maturation tanks