Standards for the production of walking structures


ISO 14122 is an international standard that is used for stationary and mobile machines where a fixed means of access is required. This standard defines the general requirements for the access to stationary machines and provides guidance on the correct access method when the req...

Green extraction

The extraction of nutrients and natural products has a long history - its origins can be traced all the way back to the ancient civilizations. At the time, the extracts were used for food, cosmetic and spiritual purposes, much like today. Today it is impossible to find a production process in the food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, advanced materials, and chemical industries or the production of biofuels that does not include extraction processes. 

Compact Brewhouse BHM 500L

New and improved BHM 500 L

With your suggestions and our own knowledge and experience in this field, we were able to design a new and improved model of the compact brewhouse BHM 500 L.

From Field To Bottle: Why It Matters What Happens In Between

A company in the Vipava Valley has developed a modern and safe system, which can be used for the extraction of CBD oil

Pressure equipment and the PED


The Pressure Equipment Directive or PED (2014/68/EU) sets out the requirements that pressure equipment manufacturers must meet if they want to sell their products in Europe. It applies to the design, manufacture, and conformity assessment of pressure equipment and assemblies with a max...

Cylindroconical ZMI fermenters

ZMI 250 / ZMI 500 / ZMI 1000 / ZMI 1500 / ZMI 2000

In-house design, planning and production

Cylindroconical ZMI fermenters are part of the SK Škrlj mini brewing system product line and their entire production process (design to final product) is carried out in-house. They are manufactured in serie...

CIP technology

Food production and storage equipment design, production, and maintenance must be executed in accordance with strict hygiene requirements. Products that are suitable for consumption can only be produced in regularly maintained systems that are clean and disinfected and that contain no harmful microo...

MoSES system

What is supercritical CO2 extraction?

Supercritical and/or subcritical extraction is a process used to obtain extracts and other substances using gases which are under super- or subcritical conditions. Each substance in the gaseous state can be converted to the supercritical state by changing the p...

MoHES system

Volatile hydrocarbon extraction

Volatile hydrocarbon extraction is suitable for the extraction of oils, fats, and bioactive lipophilic components from plant or animal materials. This extraction method is most popular among CBD paste producers, mostly because the process is fast and the extraction d...

Winery design and construction


Do you plan on building a brand new winery? Or do you maybe want to renovate your existing premises, perhaps make some additions?

Consult some design and construction experts with experience in building wineries. Carefully planned and informed decisions in the initial phase can help you avoid un...