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Compact brewhouse BHM 500 is part of our small brewhouse series. 
The BHM 500 is an ingenious, well-thought-out, and versatile product. It can be used for either single-step or multi-step mashing at different temperatures, but, with only a few valve switches, you can also transform it into a decoction mashing brewhouse.

The tanks and separate electrical cabinet are mounted on the supporting frame. The BHM 500 has a standard design, all piping and wiring is already connected, and it also has a built-in touch screen control panel.

 Mini varilnica BHM 500

Water preparation tanks

We also design hot and cold water tanks (1200 L/2000 L), whose volume and design is compatible to combine with the BHM 500. The water tanks are connected with the brewhouse control unit, so the temperature and valve operation can be controlled easily using the central control panel.

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Control unit with touch screen operating panel

A built-in user interface allows for good control and supervision during every step of the process: pump and agitator control, temperature regulation (separate jacket and tank bottom settings), setting timers. There is also a set of alarms that are there for safety reasons and inform the user of any system irregularities or other problems in the process of beer brewing.
All actual and set values regarding the tanks and their built-in devices are accessible on the touch screen control panel.

Temperature regulation

Both tanks are insulated and equipped with heating surfaces in the jacket and bottom (pillow plates). The standard design tanks use thermal oil as the heating medium, but they can be customized to operate on steam heating. All set and actual temperature data for each device is displayed on the screen. 

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BHM 250 L EU 400V 50HZ

  • Compact brewhouse BHM
  • Nominal volume: 250 L
  • Use: Single temperature infusion mashing
  • Use: Multi-step infusion mashing
  • Use: Decoction mashing
  • Market denomination: EU
  • Supply voltage: 400V 50Hz

BHM 500 L EU 400V 50HZ

  • Compact brewhouse BHM
  • Nominal volume: 500 L
  • Market denomination: EU
  • Supply voltage: 400V 50Hz

Kinnegar Brewing // Ireland

Kinnegar Brewing // Ireland

County Donegal

At Kinnegar they pair brewing tradition with a contemporary sense of adventure to produce clean, crisp, full-flavoured farmhouse beers. The brewery is named after the nearby Kinnegar Beach just north of Rathmullan in County Donegal. In 2017, Kinnegar opened K2, a new, state-of-the-art facility in nearby Letterkenny. While the clinking of bottles coming off their line no longer mingles with the bleating of sheep from the surrounding fields, the farmhouse ethos at the core of what Kinnegar does remains the same. They don’t filter or pasteurise, and they let their industrious little friends, the yeast, carbonate the beer naturally during fermentation.

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