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  • Experience and tradition

    We are a company with a more than 50-year tradition in the field of stainless steel equipment production.

  • Brilliant quality

    A team of skilled professionals uses the most modern technical and technological abilities to design and manufacture products of exceptional quality.

  • The best solutions

    We are innovative and practical, and always in pursuit of the perfect and most optimal solution.


Since 1967

Tradition & quality

Škrlj d.o.o. is a business with a strong foundation that saw its beginning in rich family tradition and is today a valued European company with an established international market. High quality, adaptability, and innovation - this is what convinced our customers.

We develop, manufacture, and sell winemaking, beer brewing, food and pharmaceutical industry equipment. Our plan is to strengthen our leading position among similar Slovene companies in this field and gain recognition in the wider European area.

Social responsibility and environment protection are extremely important for our company. We realize we live in a codependent society and creating profit is not our only job. We have an obligation to our employees, business partners, community, and environment.

Our products are developed and manufactured in accordance with all national and international standards.

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Kinnegar Brewing // Ireland

Kinnegar Brewing // Ireland

County Donegal

At Kinnegar they pair brewing tradition with a contemporary sense of adventure to produce clean, crisp, full-flavoured farmhouse beers. The brewery is named after the nearby Kinnegar Beach just north of Rathmullan in County Donegal. In 2017, Kinnegar opened K2, a new, state-of-the-art facility in nearby Letterkenny. While the clinking of bottles coming off their line no longer mingles with the bleating of sheep from the surrounding fields, the farmhouse ethos at the core of what Kinnegar does remains the same. They don’t filter or pasteurise, and they let their industrious little friends, the yeast, carbonate the beer naturally during fermentation.

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Picture of Dokumentacija izdelka

Product documentation

26 July 2019

We are pleased to inform you that from now on our product documentation will be available to you online! Our goal is to reduce the negative impact our activities might have on the environment and as an environmentally friendly company we...

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Automatic weld grinding machine

10 July 2019

We are pleased to announce we have upgraded our production with an automatic weld grinding machine. With this new acquisition, we plan to: - improve the working conditions, - lower the energy consumption and, consequently, reduce our impact...

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ASME certificate

20 December 2018

At the end of another successful business year, we are thrilled to announce SK Škrlj d.o.o. has obtained the ASME certificate for the production of pressure vessels. The ASME Code (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) is the...