Online access to content

At SK Škrlj, customer satisfaction always comes first, which is why we now provide quick and easy access to content that every user needs right here on our website. Consequently, we will also reduce paper consumption and take a step closer to achieving one of the sustainable development goals we as a company have set for ourselves.


Product documentation

Our goal is to reduce the negative impact our activities might have on the environment and as an environmentally friendly company we are fully aware of how important every little change can be in this field. This is why we offer our customers, instead of printed documentation, access to product documentation through our website, which enables faster access to documents and easier review.

The documentation can be accessed here, by clicking on “PRODUCT DOCUMENTATION” at the bottom of the website, or by using the QR code provided with your product. Fill out the form and your documentation will be sent to your chosen e-mail address.

The documents are available without registration, all you need is your product’s serial number.


Offers and orders

We now provide users with simple online access to all their offers and orders. This way they will be able to follow the status of their orders, obtain basic information on each offer and order, as well as view a number of documents, including a product’s technical description and a simplified tank model or technical drawing.

The search engine is only available to registered users.



Registration gives you access to the status of your orders and offers. We also provide certain registered users with online access to our product prices.

If you wish to register, please send a registration request to Further instruction will be sent to your e-mail address.