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FPIF mixing tank 27000 L

Liquid storage and mixing tank

FPM mixing tank 25000 L

Whey tank, Pomurske mlekarne d.d.

MM/LT-HWT System 40 hl

Mashing and mixing system

Silo FPS 51000 L and 90000 L

Bulk material storage silos

Storage tank 100 000 L

Water storage tank

TXXF mixing tank 1000 L

Chocolate mixing tank
Green Gold Brewing // Slovenia

Green Gold Brewing // Slovenia

Spodnje Grušovlje

Green Gold Brewing is a successful microbrewery from the Savinja Valley, an important hop-growing region in the heart of Slovenia. The brewery is strongly connected to hop growing, as the family's ancestors planted there their first hop plant more than a century ago.

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