Winery design and construction

Do you plan on building a brand new winery? Or do you want to renovate or perhaps make some additions to your existing premises?

Consult some design and construction experts with experience in building wineries. Carefully planned and informed decisions in the initial phase can help you avoid unnecessary mistakes, dissatisfaction, and additional costs that often result from a wrong approach to a project like this.

Every new business establishment must be woven into the cultural landscape, with a style that is suitable for the terrain, natural landscape, and tradition of the local environment. Construction must be carried out in accordance with the technical, as well as national and local environmental requirements.

The winery should have separate rooms for grape processing, alcoholic fermentation, and wine storage. It is also necessary to ensure suitable temperature and humidity inside the winery, as well as prevent direct sunlight exposure in rooms where the wine will be stored. The entire winery must have suitable lighting and ventilation. Waste water drainage and collection must be arranged in accordance with all applicable regulations.

Consult your architect regarding construction work, as well as mechanical and electrical installation planning. Our team will be happy to offer some advice and help you choose the right equipment for your new winery.

winery design


What do you have to bear in mind while purchasing wine tanks and other winery equipment?


- What quantities and how many different grape varieties do you have?

- What style of wine do you produce?

- How many must and wine storage tanks will you need (total capacity and number)? If you plan on expanding your business in the future, it is good to leave some space in the winery to accommodate additional tanks.

- What tanks would be most suitable for the space at your disposal? Are the ceilings high, low, or arched? Which tanks would be better suited for your winery: classic vertical cylindrical tanks, rectangular or oval tanks, maybe some stackable tanks with smaller volume units? Stainless steel tanks have a wide range of uses, cleaning and maintenance is easy, and they can be adapted to the room design. Their advantage is that they can be easily and quickly cooled or heated and, of course, their long service life.

- Do you also need fermenters?

- Do you need sparkling wine tanks?

Winery equipment


If your winery has high ceilings, is divided into different levels, or is equipped with tanks of varying heights, you must arrange passages between levels and safe access to all workstations.

Our customers usually choose staircases and platforms made of stainless steel. Stainless steel surfaces are suitable as they fare well in humid environments and are easy to maintain.

Work platforms, staircases, and passages must be designed and manufactured in accordance with steel structure design standards. Walking surfaces should be perforated, which ensures good protection against slipping and prevents water and dirt accumulation.

Click here for more information on platforms and staircases.




Hygiene is extremely important for any business dealing with food processing. Wineries are no exception. The grape processing room must enable suitable maintenance and cleaning, as well as a hygienic work process.

Floors and walls

Floor and wall maintenance must be carried out regularly in wineries to prevent dirt accumulation, condensation, and mold. The floors should be made of non-absorbent washable materials, without sharp edges at the junctions of floor and wall. They should have a suitable slope and drain channels to prevent water accumulation on the floor surface.

Click here for more information on drain channels.

Ventilation and temperature regulation

The winery must be naturally or artificially ventilated. It must be suitably cool, humid, and dark. Carbon dioxide must be removed from the room.

Need advice?

Contact us. We would be happy to help you plan your winery layout and equip it with tanks that will help you maintain the optimum conditions to create exceptional wine.

The projects we have successfully completed are our best reference and proof that we have the knowledge and experience to tackle even the most demanding challenges presented to us.

Our advantages:

  • Our orders are processed and run using a common database via the SAP software. This significantly lowers the possibility of human error, ensures better organized documentation, as well as good material and technological process traceability during production.
  • Automated production (laser cutting, laser welding, more…).
  • Our presence in different, often very demanding industrial fields (food industry, pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology) and the technology transfer help us manufacture winemaking equipment of exceptional quality.
  • Our customers can access their offers and orders on our website. This tool enables them to see basic offer/order information, order status, technical descriptions, drawings, and simplified 3D-models of their products.


Winery projects - from concept to realization