How to start your own brewery in 6 steps

Step 1: Research

Take your time and think it through. Gain the proper knowledge. Find some experienced brewers and contact them. Listen to their advice and try to get as much information as possible for the road ahead.

  • learn through technical literature (books, magazines, etc.) and online co...

Compact Brewhouses BH3

BH3 10 / BH3 20 / BH3 25

Compact brewhouse BH3 is a system that consists of two process tanks and a separate water tank. Hot water is stored and prepared in the water tank and then used in the beer brewing process. The tank is connected to the brewhouse control unit, so the temperature settings can...

Compact Brewhouses

A compact brewhouse is a system of process tanks and devices that a brewer needs during the beer brewing process, from mashing to fermentation. The tanks are mounted on a compact supporting frame, while the larger models are connected with a walk-on platform and staircase. The platform allows easy a...


MB2 / MB3 / MB4 / MB5

We design and manufacture different microbreweries. While the listed capacity is 40 HL, it actually depends on how many types of beer you want to brew and on beer characteristics, as well as on the amount of fermentation and maturation tanks you have at your disposal.


Compact Brewhouses BH2

BH2 10 / BH2 20 / BH2 25

Compact brewhouse BH2 is a system of two tanks connected by a platform and staircase. A central platform allows safe access to all workstations and devices, and enables good supervision of the entire brewing process. It is perfect for brewers with very little space at their...

Compact Brewhouses BHM

Compact brewhouses BHM are part of our small brewhouse series and are perfect for brewers that want to produce smaller quantities of beer using only the best ingredients, as well as experiment with different aromas, and try out their own recipes.

The BHM is a system of two process tanks that are mo...

Water Preparation and Storage Tanks

Water is an important beer ingredient, but it is also essential for the technological process (cooling, warming) and for cleaning purposes, so its consumption in the beer brewing process is quite substantial. 

That is why it is important to approach water preparation as seriously as any other part ...

Brewing Process Tanks

We design fermentation (fermenters) and beer maturation tanks, water storage and preparation tanks and other containers needed for the purposes of the brewing process. Before making a purchase, a brewer must plan carefully what type of beer they want to brew and, most importantly, the desired amou...

Temperature Regulation Element Connection

We offer different additional equipment for temperature regulation elements: cooling medium flow regulation valves, connection modules, supply units, and automatic regulation control units.

Temperature regulation element connection

Regulation valves

The valves are used for cooling/heating medi...

Temperature Regulator SPR8

The microprocessor temperature regulator SPR8 is used for temperature measurement and regulation.


  • ability to control two valves (cooling and heating),
  • three-level parameter setting,
  • password protected access to prevent accidental modifications,
  • possible connection of up to 247 r...