Social Responsibility

Creating quality human relations

We realize we live in a codependent society and creating profit is not our only responsibilty. We have an obligation to our employees, business partners, community, and environment. We encourage innovation, as well as personal and professional growth. With the introduction of new technologies, we try to reduce unnecessary risks in the workplace, as well as regularly monitor and reduce any negative impacts work might have on our employees' health.

Environmental protection

Our company follows all environmental protection regulations and legal requirements. We make sure to monitor and systematically reduce substance release into the environment and our waste is separated. We strive for efficient energy use and are trying to implement renewable energy sources. In 2010, the company acquired the ISO 14001 certificate (environmental management standard).

We are aware of the importance of our environment and its protection, which is why we are trying to systematically reduce energy consumption in our facilities. We have installed two solar panel systems atop our production facilities, which produce 360 MWh of electrical energy per year (little over a third of our energy consumption).

Škrlj plant

Soldin plant

skrlj plant

Promoting cultural activities

We like to be involved with the local community and are always ready and proud to lend a hand with organizing sports and cultural activities or supporting local teams and groups, like the successful wind orchestra from Vrhpolje near Vipava.

Vrhpolje wind orchestra

pihalni orkester vrhpolje