In 2000, the Škrlj company obtained the ISO 9001 quality management certificate. As the term quality management also implies a degree of environmental consciousness, it is one of our main goals to systematically approach the work processes that affect our environment. In 2010, we upgraded the quality management system with the ISO 14001 certificate (Environmental Management Systems) and thus became one of the companies that meet the highest standards for successfully reducing the negative impacts on the environment.



If we want our products to meet all quality requirements and to be safe to use, they must be manufactured in accordance with the standards and practices that apply to each individual industry or product category. Our company is well aware of this and has obtained numerous certificates that prove it:

  • The International Institute of Welding (IIW) certificate confirms that we meet the requirements of the EN ISO 3834-2 standard and proves the quality of our work when it comes to fusion welding of metallic materials, which we carry out in accordance with the relevant part of the SIST EN ISO 3834 standard;
  • Our pressure equipment is manufactured in accordance with relevant pressure equipment standards (e.g. EN 13445-4 standard, which specifies the requirements for the production of unfired pressure tanks, or technical regulations according to AD 2000 Regelwerk);
  • We use a modular approach to determine if our pressure tanks comply with the requirements for the production of pressure equipment. Compliance with standard requirements is controlled by the TÜV SÜD certification body, which performs conformity assessment according to the H/H1 module;
  • For the production of metal structure components, we have obtained a Factory Production Control (FPC) certificate, which confirms that the production control system in the company is carried out in accordance with the SIST EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2012 standard, for the execution class up to EXC3. The notified certification body is the Welding Institute (Institut za varilstvo).


Pressure equipment and the PED

Standards for the production of walking structures