Quality Management

Quality and environmental management policy

At Škrlj d.o.o., we know that quality management is one of the key elements to a company's success. That is why we aspire to:

  • provide quality and excellence in the most economic way possible, while keeping in mind customer demands, reducing expenses, finding and mobilizing internal reserves, as well as including all employees in the realization of set goals;
  • develop, produce, and market products that are manufactured in accordance with all national and international standards and in an economic way (working time, materials, intermediate products, energy);
  • develop products and processes with as little influence on the environment as possible (waste water, gas emission, etc.) and in accordance with all legal requirements.

Constant product quality improvement, internal regulation, and an organized working environment are the only way to achieve the planned company growth, increased competitiveness, success in the market, and employee and owner satisfaction, as well as that of the local community we are part of.


Introducing the principles of lean production – the 5S and Kaizen methods

We've started implementing lean production principles into our business processes with a gradual introduction of the 5S and Kaizen methods.

5S is a tried workplace organization method, whose purpose is continuous improvement. It stands for five Japanese words, all starting with an S: seiri - sort, seiton - set in order, seiso - shine, seiketsu - standardize, shitsuke - sustain. The 5S method is used for establishing and sustaining an organized, clean, and safe work environment, which is the foundation of an efficient, quality, productive, and environment-friendly working process.

The Kaizen method is an originally Japanese management concept of continuous improvement on all company levels. The main idea is to utilize the knowledge, experience, and skill set of all company employees to carry out the production process (order-shipping) as soon as possible and with no errors. Employees are encouraged to actively participate in the work process and to contribute their own suggestions and ideas for improvement.