Compact brewhouses BH

mash mixer-lauter tun + hot water tank

BH2 10/20/25 hl

Compact brewhouse BH2 is a system of two multifunctional tanks connected by a platform and mounted on a compact supporting frame.

The BH2 is used for infusion mashing at different temperatures. It is the brewer that chooses and sets which mashing steps and parameters to run. 

Control unit with touch screen operating panel

A built-in user interface enables good control and supervision during every step of the process: pump and agitator control, temperature regulation, setting timers. There is also a set of alarms that are there for safety reasons and inform you of any system irregularities or other problems in the process of beer brewing.

All actual and set values regarding the tanks and their built-in devices are accessible on the touch screen control panel.

Temperature regulation

Both tanks are insulated and equipped with heating surfaces in the jacket and bottom (laser welded pillow plates). Heating and cooling parameters are set for each heating unit separately using the control panel. All set and actual temperature data for each device is displayed on the screen.

CUBE2BREW // Slovenia

CUBE2BREW // Slovenia

Mobile Container Brewery

Together with Dematech, our distributor for the South African region, we have designed and successfully carried out a mobile container brewery project. In November 2019, the Cube2Brew mobile brewery completed its first long journey as it travelled to Nürnberg, where it was part of, or better yet, the star of our stand at the BrauBeviale, a famous international beer brewing trade fair. More...

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