What leads us to life's turning points? 
Deliberate planning, enthusiastic work, great perseverance.


Alojz and Marta Škrlj established a private workshop where they produced hay blowers, animal feed mills, and various sheet metal products. The Škrlj hay blowers quickly found their place in the Italian market.



First stainless sheet metal wine tanks

In 1985, the Škrlj family had to modernize the wine tanks in their cellar. The modernization was almost revolutionary in their local community at that time, as the tanks weren't made of wood, but of stainless sheet metal. It was a bold but wise decision, as they shortly after successfully launched a serial sheet metal tank production. In a few years, sheet metal products completely surpassed other types of products, which led to more eyployees and an expansion of their production.


Prototype of the pneumatic wine press

The Škrlj family reached a new milestone only three years later, when they manufactured a prototype for the pneumatic wine press, which contributed to a seemingly unstoppable technological development. It was only a matter of time before the little workshop became a successful company in the local, as well as international market.



First export deals

The same year Slovenia became an independent country, the Škrlj family started their venture abroad by selling their wine tanks in Austria and France.


With business flourishing, the family founded the company Škrlj d.o.o.


The production facilities in their hometown became too small, so they moved their company to a new and larger location in Batuje.


Pressure tank production in accordance with the PED directive.


Acquisition of the ISO 9001 quality management certificate.


The company successfully completed its first larger pharmaceutical industry project.

arhiv farmacija


Renovation and expansion of production facilities to 5000 m2.


New production facility with a total surface area of 12000 m2.


Upgraded quality management system with the ISO 14001 certificate.


Transition to the SAP information system.



Beer brewing expansion: company starts manufacturing brewhouses.


Introduction of two welding robots in 2015 and 2016: the beginning of a more intense period of automation and robotization, mirroring the future of technological development.


We started designing supercritical CO2 extraction systems in 2017. Our first pilot device was manufactured a year later, thus officially launching our new product line. Since 2019, we also manufacture production-sized systems and we'll soon be adding also a laboratory version, which will be the smallest. Additionally, our experts are currently developing a supercritical extraction system where water is used as the solvent.



Plan creation for a sustainable business strategy transformation.

In recent years...

we have purchased additional production facilities and, thus, increased our production capacity.

In order to improve internal process management, we have successfully implemented the Kaizen method, which enables a continuous process of error detection, their analysis, and, consequently, constant company improvement. We have also introduced the 5S method that helps establish and maintain an organized, clean, and safe work environment, which in turn improves work efficiency and provides better working conditions for employees.

The company's development to date is based on a successful 50-year family tradition. In all these years we have recorded a healthy growth and successfully proven ourselves in the international market. Today, the company is recognized at home and around the world as a manufacturer of high-quality stainless steel products and operates in four key areas: winemaking, beer brewing, pharmaceutical and food industry.