Labeling Machines

A practical and effective solution for small and medium-scale serial production

The semiautomatic labeling machine E03 is used for applying labels on bottles and other containers of similar cylindrical shape. The machine can apply one or two self-adhesive labels, which are winded on a label roll. A built-in optical sensor enables precise label positioning in the desired spot.

If requested, we can install an additional optical sensor that can detect an already existing label or emblem on the bottle and therefore enables precise positioning of any additional labels.

A labeling machine with higher rolls (230 mm) is suitable for applying labels on wine bottles.  A labeling machine with lower label rolls (180 mm) is suitable for labeling smaller bottles (beer, juice bottles, etc.).

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Kinnegar Brewing // Ireland

Kinnegar Brewing // Ireland

County Donegal

At Kinnegar they pair brewing tradition with a contemporary sense of adventure to produce clean, crisp, full-flavoured farmhouse beers. The brewery is named after the nearby Kinnegar Beach just north of Rathmullan in County Donegal. In 2017, Kinnegar opened K2, a new, state-of-the-art facility in nearby Letterkenny. While the clinking of bottles coming off their line no longer mingles with the bleating of sheep from the surrounding fields, the farmhouse ethos at the core of what Kinnegar does remains the same. They don’t filter or pasteurise, and they let their industrious little friends, the yeast, carbonate the beer naturally during fermentation.

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