Okavango Craft Brewery, Maun, Botswana

Established in 2019 in the city of Maun, which is located in Northern Botswana, Okavango Craft Brewery is the first licensed microbrewery in the area. It is named after the Okavango Delta, home to one of the largest elephant populations in the world.

While their primary goal is to make top quality beer, they've also made it their mission to reduce their environmental impact and to support local economies, as well as local "elephant-aware" farmers who have integrated sustainable farming methods.
Okavango Craft Brewery produces a variety of beers made from quality imported malts, as well as malt made from locally harvested millet, using mineral water from the Okavango Delta.

Graham McCulloch, Okavango Craft Brewery Co-Founder and Director, said:
“Through the Okavango Craft Brewery, local farmers residing in the area now have the opportunity to be linked to and benefit from a new market, offering some reward for their efforts to coexist with elephants, and creating sustainable, inclusive growth for our local economy here in the Okavango region. Our products give consumers the choice to support both farmers and wildlife, while enjoying quality products.”

The brewery is equipped with several SK Škrlj products:
- compact brewhouse BHM 500L,
- fermentation and storage tanks,
- cold and hot water tanks.

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