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Winemaking equipment

Škrlj d.o.o. supports a dilligent winemaker from grape to wine.

We design grape presses, fermenters, and wine storage and maturation tanks, as well as platforms and staircases for easier access to elevated tanks.

We inspire confidence in our customers, as we have the knowledge and ability to accomplish even the most demanding tasks.
Customer demands are studied in detail. We suggest the optimal solutions, plan, and, with the customer's help, make a design for their winery. We then manufacture high-quality equipment with well-thought-out details that help increase its usefulness even more.


Years of experience

Experience, knowledge, love, and a listening ear

We've been manufacturing winemaking equipment since 1985. Our initial work was based on our own experience and local tradition, but we also kept an eye on any technological innovations emerging around the world and tried to develop our own ideas. 

Our presence in different industrial fields and the technology transfer help us manufacture winemaking equipment of exceptional quality.

Nebó Winery // Slovenia

Nebó Winery // Slovenia


Nebó Winery is a new winery located in Neblo, a small village in the Goriška Brda region. It is the westernmost winery in Slovenia. The diverse locations of the vineyards, the vast selection of grape varieties and the large number of different wines also require a greater number of tanks in which the wines can mature and develop their full flavor.

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