Electropolishing is an electrochemical process used for polishing metal surfaces. The metal is submerged into an electrolyte bath with temperature control, where a direct electrical current is used to remove microscopic material parts (metal). This is how the metal surface is evened out, which results in a brilliant and polished final product.

This process is used for stainless steel products of different shapes and sizes: tanks, containers, pipes, valves, and other connectors.

We also polish tank interiors (max. volume 15,000 L), provided that the tank shape and existing tank openings allow it.

Elektropoliranje izdelkov iz nerjavnega jekla

Electropolished surface advantages:

  • shiny and brilliant surfaces
  • reduced surface roughness (up to Ra < 0.4 μm)
  • impurity removal from basic material
  • high-quality, quick, and easy maintenance
  • reduced possibility of coating on material
  • increased product corrosion resistance

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