Laser Welding

Laser welding is a computer-controlled welding technology used to join pieces of metal using a laser beam. The advantage of laser welding, compared to traditional welding procedures, is a noncontact energy supply with no direct mechanical loads on the product surface. This technology creates a very stable and nonporous weld that retains the metallic shine of the base material.

  • contact-free material processing: a welding process based on the principle of melting the basic material with no direct mechanical contact with the product surface
  • low heat input: limited and strictly controlled (time, location) heating, which reduces the possibility of any basic material deformations
  • high-quality welds: all welds are extremely accurate and consistent – no need for additional finishing, laser welds retain the metallic shine of the base material
  • flexibility: it enables different welding lines, welding in spirals and irregular forms; any openings and connectors on the basic surface can be easily avoided
  • high welding speed: significantly faster than traditional welding techniques

    Laser welding technique
Lasersko varjenje