Laser Cutting (2D, 3D)

Quick, precise, and reasonably priced sheet metal cutting

The T5-axis laser machine enables sheet cutting, as well as 3D component cutting and processing. The machine operates using “flying optics”, which means that the work surface remains static throughout the cutting process, whereas the laser moves over it. This allows extreme cutting precision, even with thicker materials. The edges of laser cut materials are smooth and do not require any additional surface finishing.

Laser technology ensures optimal material utilization, reduces production costs, and ensures better final product quality. The cutting is done based on the documentation in electronic form.

Laserski razrez 2d in 3d


  • cutting all types of steel, aluminum and aluminum alloys, brass, etc.
  • cutting flat and bent surfaces
  • diagonal metal sheet cutting in preparation for welding
  • tube, 3D cutting
  • cutting various geometrical forms
  • engraving

Technical features:

Machine work surface: Rotary axis: Max. speed: Accuracy:
X-axis: 3050 mm
Y-axis: 1540 mm
Z-axis: 400 mm
rotation A: 360°
rotation B: ±135°
X-Y: 100 m/min
Z: 50 m/min
X-Y-Z: 150 m/min
Positioning accuracy (Pa):
X-Y-Z: 0.03 mm
A-B: 0.015°
Repeatability (Ps):
X-Y-Z: 0.03 mm
A-B: 0.005°

Cutting capacity:

Cutting material thickness: Max. sheet metal dimensions:                   Cutting precision:
inox materials: up to 12 mm
other steel types: up to 20 mm
1500 x 3000 mm
1500 x 8000 mm (material thickness ≤ 3 mm)
0.1 mm