Compact Brewhouses

A compact brewhouse is a system of process tanks and devices that a brewer needs during the beer brewing process, from mashing to fermentation. The tanks are mounted on a compact supporting frame, while the larger models are connected with a walk-on platform and staircase. The platform allows easy access to all important connectors and workstations. The piping system and electrical wiring are already set up at delivery, which can shorten considerably the brewhouse construction time.

User-friendly technology:

  • easy control (touch screen), adaptable processes,
  • good flow regulation valve layout (manifold) on the front side of the brewhouse,
  • polished inner tank and component product contact surfaces; smooth surfaces enable a quick and efficient cleaning process,
  • CIP cleaning equipment,
  • quick setup and start.

Different designs and capacities

We offer compact brewhouses with different tank and extra equipment combinations. Our tank capacities range between 250 and 2500 L.
  • small brewhouses - BHM series
  • combination of two tanks with platform - BH2 series
  • combination of two tanks with platform and water tank - BH3 series
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compact brewhouse BHM500