Brewing Process Tanks

We design fermentation (fermenters) and beer maturation tanks, water storage and preparation tanks and other containers needed for the purposes of the brewing process. Before making a purchase, a brewer must plan carefully what type of beer they want to brew and, most importantly, the desired amount. They must take into account that some beers' fermentation and maturation processes can take up to several weeks. For an optimally run process, the most important thing is to plan ahead and have enough tanks at your disposal.

Fermenters are used for alcoholic fermentation at various temperatures and pressures, depending on what beer type one wants to brew. One of the side products of this process is heat, which is why it is important that a fermenter be able to maintain and regulate the desired alcoholic fermentation temperature. Efficient temperature, pressure, yeast concentration and tank oxygen level control allows the brewer to carry out the processes as planned, without unnecessary and unwanted complications.

Once fermented, the young beer is stored in a beer maturation tank, in a controlled environment where it will begin its maturation process. Maturation time varies between different types of beer. With lager yeasts, for example, the recommended maturation temperature is quite lower, while the beer takes longer to mature.


Water Tanks

Water is an important beer ingredient, but it is also essential for the technological process (cooling, warming) and for cleaning purposes, so its consumption in the beer brewing process is quite substantial.

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Tank designs

We offer different fermentation and maturation tank designs, for example atmospheric and pressure tanks, as well as simple single-jacket tanks or ones with a double jacket and insulation, which increases work efficiency and saves energy.

The tanks are equipped with temperature regulation elements. Heat exchangers (pillow-plate, coil) are usually placed on the tank jacket, but can also be set on the bottom. The laser welding technique enables accurate adjustment to all tank openings and connectors, without any cooling surface loss.

We offer the following tank designs:

cilindricna posoda

vertical cylindrical tanks
horizontalna oblika

horizontal cylindrical tanks
cilindrokonicna oblika

cylindroconical tanks


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