Transition to B&R automation technology


In 2023, we transitioned to using B&R controllers and panels for our products, equipped with a touch screen. One of the main reasons for this change was the exceptional quality of their products. B&R controllers also enable further system expansions and ensure better connectivity with other systems.

B&R is a trusted and reliable manufacturer of automation technology for production systems. Their equipment is used in various industries, even the most demanding, where reliability is crucial

Advantages of B&R automation technology:

  • quality and reliability,
  • compatibility with the Industry 4.0 standards,
  • remote connectivity (can be controlled remotely via PC or smartphone),
  • simple updates.



We now install B&R controllers and panels in our pneumatic presses, brewhouses, microbreweries and CIP stations. As part of this upgrade, we have also added some new functions that will facilitate the work and ensure better control over the work processes.


b&r stiskalnica