New laboratory for analytical and applied research


Earlier this year, we opened a modernized laboratory for analytical and applied research, which is a great acquisition for our research and development (R&D) department. The lab will be used to develop applications in the field of high-pressure technologies and analytical techniques for determining the quality of the products obtained from sub- and supercritical fluids.


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Applied research consists of the study and development of high-pressure processes, which are the basis of modern procedures for the isolation of bioactive agents, the production of nanoparticles, for cold sterilization and disinfection, the surface treatment of medical implants etc. The research includes, among other things, in-depth studies in the field of subcritical and supercritical fluids. Once the studies are carried out, our experts can propose the most suitable technological process and design for the given problem.


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Based on the test results, we then create a lab report and evaluate the quality of the obtained product. The product is evaluated using advanced sample preparation techniques (supercritical water and gas extraction). In combination with chromatographic (gas and convergence chromatography) and spectroscopic methods, they can provide insight into the quality of the obtained product.


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Our research department is specially qualified for the extraction and research of bioactive substances from plants and agricultural waste and residues. Our team consists of motivated experts in various fields - analytical methods, chemistry and chemical technology, mechanical engineering, and programming.


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Extraction equipment