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Stainless steel tanks and process systems

More than 50 years of experience in the production of winemaking,
beer brewing, and process industry equipment.

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Sustainable development

We manufacture high-quality products designed to last.
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Comprehensive solutions

We carry out the entire project: from detailed technical specification analysis,
document preparation, and production to product delivery to the customer.

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Since 1967

Tradition & quality

Škrlj d.o.o. is a business with a strong foundation that saw its beginning in rich family tradition and is today a valued European company with an established international market. High quality, adaptability, and innovation - this is what convinced our customers.

We develop, manufacture, and sell winemaking, beer brewing, food and pharmaceutical industry equipment. Our plan is to strengthen our leading position among similar Slovene companies in this field and gain recognition in the wider European area.

Social responsibility and environment protection are extremely important for our company. We realize we live in a codependent society and creating profit is not our only job. We have an obligation to our employees, business partners, community, and environment.

Our products are developed and manufactured in accordance with all national and international standards.

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Green Gold Brewing // Slovenia

Green Gold Brewing // Slovenia

Spodnje Grušovlje

Green Gold Brewing is a successful microbrewery from the Savinja Valley, an important hop-growing region in the heart of Slovenia. The brewery is strongly connected to hop growing, as the family's ancestors planted there their first hop plant more than a century ago.

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News & Announcements

Go behind the scenes

Photo de Transition vers la technologie d'automatisation B&R

Transition to B&R automation technology

12 February 2024

In 2023, we transitioned to using B&R controllers and panels for our products, equipped with a touch screen. One of the main reasons for this change was the exceptional quality of their products. B&R controllers also enable further system...

Photo de Nouveau laboratoire de recherche

New laboratory for analytical and applied research

29 January 2024

Earlier this year, we opened a modernized laboratory for analytical and applied research, which is a great acquisition for our research and development (R&D) department. The lab will be used to develop applications in the field of high-pressure...

Photo de ŠKRLJ vodi konzorcij Drop&Weld za trajnostni preboj pri procesih varjenja

ŠKRLJ vodi konzorcij Drop&Weld za trajnostni preboj pri procesih varjenja

18 December 2023

Sporočilo za javnost Batuje, 3.7.2023 Foto: SPIRIT Slovenija Direktor Marko Škrlj je kot predstavnik vodilnega konzorcijskega partnerja Škrlj d.o.o. na SPIRIT Slovenija podpisal pogodbo o sofinanciranju...

Photo de New solar power plant

New solar power plant

28 September 2023

Solar panel system SE3 Škrlj Batuje We've made it our goal to reduce CO2 emissions and thus create a better environment, which is why we search for innovative solutions that lead to a cleaner atmosphere and lower energy consumption....

Photo de Brasserie mobile Cube2Brew

Mobile Brewery Cube2Brew

13 April 2021

Come and join us on a virtual tour of our Cube2Brew mobile brewery! We also invite you to take a look at this interesting article that was recently posted on Siol.net. The article is unfortunately only available in Slovene, but it does include...

Photo de Extraction à l'eau supercritique

Supercritical water extraction

31 March 2021

One of the goals we've been focusing on recently has been the transition to a sustainable business. That is why we applied for the public tender titled "Promoting sustainable business strategic transformation and the development of new business...


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