Create a 3D Model

Google SketchUp is a freely accessible software, used for 3D model design. Google SketchUp allows you to make your own sketch, using your desired dimensions and layout. The project can then be viewed in 3D from multiple angles, which helps you get a more concrete idea of how the room would look like and of its object proportions.
sketch up

How can I get Google SketchUp?

It's simple. Go to, click on »Download Google SketchUp« and follow the instructions.

How do I use it?

The software is easy to use. A simple user interface allows you to start immediately and with no previous knowledge. If you wish to use any advanced functions, you can visit the Google SketchUp service supplier website.

Basic instructions: User manual basic instructions (EN)

Where can I find the tank models?

The Google SketchUp software allows you to design your own 3D models or to simply download them from 3D Warehouse, the biggest library of free 3D models. We have prepared for you a collection of vertical cylindrical tank (type EXX) and platform models (standard design). The models are scaled, while the equipment shown is only schematic. You can find them with the 3D Warehouse app search engine using the key words: wine tank SK or walk-on platform SK.