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Natural fat-soluble bioactive compound extraction systems

Supercritical and subcritical extraction


Carbon dioxide extraction

Supercritical and/or subcritical extraction is a process used to obtain extracts and other substances using gases which are under super- or subcritical conditions. Supercritical gases have all the physical properties of gases, but they are incompressible and possess the same dissolving power as liquids.

The advantage of supercritical extraction is that pressure and temperature changes influence the dissolving power, which means the extraction process can be adapted to obtain specific substances from the collective matrix. This method is used in the production of bioactive compounds from herbs and other plants, where a high degree of extract purity is required, especially in the pharmaceutical and food industry. It is most known for its use in the production of hemp paste, as well as decaffeinated coffee and tea.

This method is considered environmentally friendly, as it doesn’t create any unwanted or harmful side products.

co2 extraction


MoSES system

At Škrlj d.o.o. we always try to further develop and upgrade the supercritical extraction system and its equipment to better fit our customers' needs and facilitate its use. For this purpose we have developed the Škrlj MoSES system, which is used for the sub- and supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of natural and organic bioactive compounds.

  • modular design
  • entirely automatic system
  • certified and tested in accordance with EU standards

The entire system is supported by a compact frame with an electrical cabinet, as well as a gas supply and pressure regulation system, while the extraction modules can be varied.

We offer laboratory systems with two or three collection vessels (1, 2 or 5 liters), which can operate in parallel or sequential mode. Additionally, we manufacture semi-industrial and industrial systems with two or three extraction vessels (10 or 25 liters). Customer requests are always taken into consideration and, if possible, implemented and developed into unique technological solutions.






  • compact support frame made of stainless steel
  • high-pressure extraction vessels
  • made of stainless steel
  • volume: 10 or 25 liters
  • automatic temperature regulation system
  • threaded cap
  • TÜV certificate
  • high-pressure tanks for selective product collection
  • made of stainless steel
  • three vessels of 2, 5 or 10 liters
  • threaded cap
  • built-in manometer
  • TÜV certificate
  • control via touch screen control panel or computer using an intuitive control system software
  • designed in accordance with GMP standard; manual operation limited to vessel filling and emptying
  • fluid carbon dioxide collection vessel (the extraction is carried out in a closed system, while the CO2 is recycled throughout the entire process)
  • pressure vessel, TÜV certified
  • material: stainless steel in acc. with GMP standard
  • automatic cooling system
  • nominal volume: 2 x extraction cylinders volume
  • used for achieving the pressure values needed for the gas to enter the supercritical state
  • enables continuous extraction medium circulation
  • obust membrane pump
  • flow capacity: 20 to 200 kg of liquid medium per hour
  • built-in automatic back pressure regulators (ABPR)
  • system pressure regulation: 0 to 400 bar(g), accuracy ± 1 %
  • control and value settings via touch screen control panel (4)
  • All extraction processes are carried out under supercritical conditions. One of the conditions for reaching the supercritical state is establishing a suitable supercritical temperature. MoSES systems are equipped with built-in automatically controlled heating elements, which are used to achieve and regulate the supercritical temperature and enable extraction at temperatures up to 80 °C.

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Usad'ba Myskhako // Russia

Usad'ba Myskhako // Russia


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