Punch-down Fermenters

Punch-down fermenters are equipped with a cap submerging system, which consists of a punch-down agitator, pneumatic cylinder and a control unit. The punch-down mechanism makes it possible to break down the cap that was created during fermentation and submerge it into the must. The pneumatic cylinder (larger fermenters have two) continuously pushes the shovel-shaped punch-down agitator up and down, which makes the agitator gently pierce the cap and submerge it into the must. The submerging cycles are carried out periodically in set intervals, depending on enological demands.

It is important that the maceration process be carried out at the proper temperature. It is recommended to monitor and regulate the must temperature, which is why the fermenters are equipped with a double jacket, heated bottom, and all necessary cooling/heating medium flow regulation equipment. 

An inclined bottom and a large rectangular door enable good fluid discharge, which gives this tank a great advantage regarding emptying time.

We offer open and closed punch-down fermenters and a special design: the punch-down fermenter with a pip removal system.

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Punch-down fermenter with dismantling lid

The dismantling lid is equipped with a cap submerging system (pneumatic cylinder, classic or rotating punch-down agitator) and plumbing fixtures as well as a system for pumping must over the cap. The dismantling lid can be lifted by a set of special lid fittings and attached to the tank. One lid can be used on several tanks, provided that they have the same diameter and a properly reinforced upper rim.

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Closed punch-down fermenter

The classic fermenter design with a built-in cap-submerging system and a system for pumping must over the cap (combines a punch-down and pump-over system).

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Punch-down fermenters with a pip removal system

When fermenting and macerating the pomace, it is important to submerge the cap very gently, without damaging the pips, as they can release tannins, which are bitter. The pips contain more than 60 % of the wine's tannins, so pip content regulation is a very important factor of the maceration process. Removing pips from the pomace during the maceration and fermentation process can lower significantly the release of bitter and unripe (green) tannins into the wine. 

The pip removal system can only be installed in cone-shaped tanks, which have a special bottom design. During the fermentation process, pips tend to gather at the bottom of the fermenter. That is why there is a scraper on the bottom that rotates and pushes the pips into a container. The amount of pips in the container can be monitored through an observation glass. Once full, the container can be emptied using the pneumatic valve. The scraper and big sliding door are also helpful when removing grape skins from the tank.

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