Pump-over Fermenters

During pomace fermentation, a cap is created inside the tank. It consists of the solid parts of grape skins and pips. Must, which is pumped from the lower part of the tank, is periodically pumped over the cap. A rotating sparger sprays the must evenly all over the cap surface. This preserves the contact between the grape skins and the must, breaks down the created cap, and enables intense pigment leaching from the grape skins.

It is very important that the maceration process be carried out at the right temperature. That is why our fermenters are equipped with a double jacket, a bottom with heaters, and cooling/warming medium flow regulation equipment.

The fermenter can also be used as a classic wine storage tank.

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Pump-over fermenter designs

We offer different pump-over fermenter designs:

  • open pump-over fermenters with a floating lid and a dismantling system for must pumping;
  • closed pump-over fermenters;
  • cone-shaped pump-over fermenters, whose shape brings back the tradition of ancient cooperage. The cone-shaped jacket slows down lees lifting and enables more efficient cap submerging and breaking. Consequently, the extraction of phenols and aromas is also improved.

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