RTIU 3790/1000 D1500 H2000 0/+6 PROSPE

  • Sparkling wine tank
  • Nominal volume [US gal]: 1000
  • Internal diameter [in]: 59
  • Height H [in]: 79
  • Nominal volume in l: 3790
  • Internal diameter in mm: 1500
  • Height H in mm: 2000
  • Height Z in mm: 3300
  • Height Z [in]: 130
  • External diameter [mm]: 1700
  • External diameter [in]: 67
  • Geometrical volume [l]: 4200
  • Geometrical volume [US gal]: 1110
  • Min. operating press. [barg]: 0
  • Max. operating press. [barg]: +6
MATNR: 130408

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