Soc Coop Vini Marana Et Environs, Corsica

Soc Coop Vini Marana Et Environs is a winemaking cooperative in Borgo, Corsica.

Project description


- cylindrical single-compartment and intermediate bottom tanks, walkway with staircase;
- outdoor installation

Performed by SK Škrlj:

- preparation of tank technical drawings, including reinforcements for the attachment of support elements, used for walkway installation,
- preparation of walkway and staircase technical drawings,
- preparation of layout (tanks, walkways, and stairs),
- manufacture of tanks, walkways, and stairs,
- organization of product transport to the customer.


The tanks and the entire walking structure are made of stainless steel, the external surface of the tanks is circle polished (flowered finish). The tanks have five legs, a reinforced bottom, and are equipped with cooling jackets (in the cylindrical part).

There are two platform levels. The lower platform is designed to access the connectors on the bottom compartments of the intermediate bottom tanks. The upper platform enables safe access to the equipment at the top of the tanks. The platforms can be accessed via the staircase and its four intermediate platforms.

The walking structure is designed and manufactured in accordance with international standards EN ISO 14122 and EN 1090.

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