Reservoir Dogs, Nova Gorica, Slovenia

The Reservoir Dogs brewery from Nova Gorica is the biggest craft brewery in Slovenia.

Reservoir Dogs is a craft brewery founded by four dedicated brewers that joined forces and combined their knowledge and love for beer to create a truly special and memorable brand. They now produce high quality beer and have already gained recognition on the local and international level.


1) Brewery Awards at

Best new Slovenian brewery of 2015
Best Slovenian brewery of 2016

2) Beer Awards at

Starvation, Black IPA: Best Slovenian beer of 2015

3) Current rating at

Beer: Starvation, Black IPA
Style: 100
Overall: 99

One of the top 10 beers in the Global Best Black IPA category (2015-2017).


The Reservoir Dogs brewery is equipped with SK Škrlj brewing equipment:

- microbrewery MB2 40 hl

- beer fermentation and maturation tanks

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