Mixing tank 350L and 600L

Vertical pressure tanks

Vertical pressure tanks in cylindrical form with torispherical bottoms. Double-wall containers with welded heating coil and insulated bottom and jacket areas. Mounted on mobile support frames. The tanks are designed and manufactured in accordance with the PED Directive 2014/68/EU, Module G.

Technical features:

Design temperature: -20 to +140 °C
Operating temperature: -20 to +140 °C
Test pressure: 10,56 bar(g)
Operating pressure: -1 to 6 bar(g)
Product: Fluid Group 2


Stainless steel EN 1.4404
Internal surface (product contact): ground and electropolished, certified roughness Ra < 0,8 µm
External surface (not product wetted): EN 1.4404, no further surface treatment
Internal welds (product contact): butt welds are ground flush (K320), certified roughness Ra < 0,4 µm, corner welds are ground (K320), certified roughness Ra < 0,8 µm
External welds: vertical and horizontal butt welds on jacket are striped (BP), corner welds are cleaned and passivated, no grinding (CZZ)
Gaskets (product wetted): EPDM
Insulation: stone wool, no chlorides
Screws/Nuts: A4-70/A2

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