Fabrica Grivița, Bucharest, Romania

Although it was established only recently, the story of Fabrica Grivița began years before.

In 1869, German entrepreneur Erhard Luther opened a brewery in Bucharest called ‘Fabrica de Bere Luther’, which became one of the most popular breweries in the country. The name of the brewery changed multiple times in the following decades, and for a brief period of time it was also called Fabrica Grivița. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse in the 1990s; the brewery was subsequently sold and finally closed in 2007.

Everything changed when Matei Lucescu decided to revive the Grivița brand and open a brewery with the same name. He first started contemplating brewing after attending a craft beer festival back in 2016. In June 2019, one brewing course in the UK and a million-euro investment later, Matei started his own beer production line and was able to sell his first beers the following month.

Fabrica Grivița is now an independent brewery and a brewpub with its own bar and terrace. The only thing separating the brewhouse and other equipment from the pub is a transparent wall, which allows the customers to observe the brewing process. Fabrica Grivița favours traditional styles, particularly lagers, although they don't shy away from the occasional collaborative venture or even modern craft beer styles, such as Hazy IPA.

The brewery is equipped with several SK Škrlj products:
- BH3 compact brewhouse,
- fermentation and storage tanks,
- cold water tank,
- CIP station.


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