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Conditions of Sale

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General Conditions of Sale

The general conditions apply for all our products and services, contracts, agreements, supply and other, unless explicitly specified otherwise.

1. Our offers and propositions are issued in writing and not binding. Sketches and other supplements remain out property and may not be discloses to third person.

2. Clients' orders shall be considered as having been received after a order confirmation is issued in writing. An order confirmation is binding for us and the client, and shall have the nature of a sales contract. Unless the buyer makes any objections within 8 days of receiving the order confirmation, they shall be considered as having agreed with the conditions specified in the confirmation. Supplements and amendments shall only be applicable after we confirm them in writing.

3. Prices and payments
3.1. The prices are valid EXW Batuje (Incoterms 2000), unless specified otherwise.
3.2. Payments shall be considered to have been effected when the funds are remitted to our account. In the event of late payment, we shall be entitled to charge statutory back interest, which shall be due for payment immediately.
3.3. Delivered goods shall remain our property until the buyer meets their obligations to us in full. The buyer shall be obliged to handle goods that are still our property with due care and to clearly mark them as our property. In the event of resale, the buyer shall be obliged to forward the ownership rights.

4. Delivery
4.1. The delivery period specified in the order confirmation shall be subject to proper and punctual deliveries by our suppliers, or in the event of force majeure or any other unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control. The buyer shall be informed about the occurrence and duration of circumstances resulting in an extension of the delivery period in the shortest possible time.
4.2. The buyer shall be obliged to provide is with the delivery address in good time otherwise we shall not assume responsibility for wrong delivery.
4.3. Deliveries shall be consistent with the EXW (Incoterms 2000) clause, unless otherwise agreed.
4.4. The delivery period shall run from the day that all conditions from the order confirmation (payment, confirmed sketches, etc) have been met.
4.5. In the event that the buyer fails to meet the contractual obligations (e.g. advance payment, opening a letter of credit, submitting documentation, etc.) on time, we reserve the right to extend the delivery period in respect of the requirements and the course of our production.
4.6. In the event of a delay in the acceptance of goods by the buyer, we shall store the goods at their expense. Should the buyer refuse to accept the goods, the shall be obliged to settle the costs incurred by us (decrease in value of the goods, underselling, financial costs, warehousing costs, etc.).
4.7. In the event of force majeure or similar unforeseeable event beyond our control, we reserve the right to withdraw from the contract. In such a case, the buyer shall have no right to compensation. In such an event, the buyer shall be notified in the shortest possible time.

5. The buyer has to check the goods immediately after delivery. In case of any damages, defects, unsuitable properties etc. the buyer is obliged to inform the supplier in writing within 8 days after receipt of the goods. For the hidden defects this term is 6 months after delivery. This applies for the defects which can't be detected with the accurate examination in 8 day term after delivery.

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