Wine Tanks

Stainless steel tanks in every phase of the winemaking process make it fairly easy to control and guide the process of vinification into the desired direction.

When planning a wine tank purchase, one should take into account:

  • purpose of use (maceration, decantation, fermentation, plunging, maturation, clearing, storage, production of sparkling wine),
  • desired wine tank capacity and quantity,
  • desired capacity combinations (less tanks with larger capacity or more tanks with smaller capacity),
  • available winery space and any pre-existing structures in it,
  • desired temperature control and regulation equipment inside the wine tank (plate heat exchangers, double jacket, cooling coils, regulators),
  • access plan to all important connectors and workstations, so that work can run safely and with little effort. 
posode vino
postavitev posod

At Škrlj d.o.o., we share our knowledge and long experience with other winemakers. We study all customer requirements and demands and after great consideration, we offer our solutions. During every project, we design a detailed 3D model which helps the customer get a clearer idea of it, make any potential changes, and finalize the plan.

Sparkling Wine Tanks

These tanks are intended for production of sparkling wine according to the tank method.

In the tank method or charmant method (named after the French winemaker Eugene Charmant, who pioneered this method), the second fermentation is conducted in large, closed, pressurised tanks. The tank method is much simpler and shorter than the classical method, in which the second fermentation is conducted in bottles.

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Tank types

You can choose between these tank types:

 cilindricna oblika
 pravokotna oblika
 ovalna oblika