What is your motivation, what drives you?
To remain present, but not become complacent. To meet and exceed all expectations.

We want to strengthen our leading position among Slovene companies in our field and gain even more recognition in the wider European area. In the next few years, we plan to expand our production with a more intensive approach to designing and manufacturing beer brewing, pharmacy, and other chemical and food industry equipment.

Our goal is a happy customer and owner.
Our strength is a group of creative and happy employees and continuous quality improvement.
Our motivation is developing and strengthening our SK Group trademark by producing quality equipment.
Our advantage is new product development, lower expenses, and increased productivity.
Our opportunity is a good partnership with our suppliers.

Company goals

  • increasing market share and breaking into new market areas with carefully chosen products,
  • breaking into the winemaking, beer brewing, and pharmaceutical equipment world market,
  • continuous product quality improvement, achieved through systematic cooperation with our suppliers, customers, and other business partners,
  • keeping up with new enological practices throughout the world, therefore remaining a reliable source of information for our partners,
  • encouraging innovation and regular training of all employees,
  • remaining a socially responsible company.