Incastra 2023


InCastra 2023 - Ajdovščina Industry and Entrepreneurship Day (Slovenia)

On September 29 and 30, Ajdovščina will once again host InCastra - Ajdovščina Industry and Entrepreneurship Day, an annual event, designed to showcase and promote local businesses.

The first day is a Doors Open Day for schoolchildren. We will offer guided tours of our production premises, where they will get to know more about our company and learn about different professions, which may ultimately help them decide where they want to continue their studies.

On the second day, most of the action will take place at the Ajdovščina Airport, where you will be able to visit our stand and try your hand at welding, and participate in other fun-filled activities.

Come and join us!


Incastra 2023