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Equipment for pharmaceutical industry

Vessel equipment for pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical industry is designed, constructed and manufactured according to the highest standards and quality and safety demands:

  • the inner control is rendered in all production phases of each ordered project: planning, preparation, manufacturing and final control;
  • the supervision is carried out by authorised bodies, such as TÜV, SIQ and  Welding Institute; 
  • traceability of materials, mastering of technological processes and control procedures in the production is ensured; 
  • specific procedures for the control of suitability of materials are carried out: measurement and recording of surface roughness (Ra), measurement of the variations in ferrite contents in products (∆Fe), radiographic weld examination; 
  • vessel design is always adapted to our customer’s requirements, which are in compliance with relevant standards and legal requirements.



vertical vessels type TFV


vertical vessels with temperature control type TFP


vertical mobile vessels type TFM


horizontal vessels type TFH


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